Clean, Responsive Design

Wrap your Arduino with Jubito and dynamically populate HTML5 web interfaces against custom Instruction Sets. Expose your projects to the Internet with the built-in lightweight web server and gain access anywhere in the world, from any device. No extra programming or native code required.

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Open Source

Jubito is based on the free and open source jaNET Framework. A back-end development framework that changes the way you develop "things".

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Key Features

  • Lightweight

    Designed for old and low power devices

  • Cross Platform

    Run Jubito on your favorite OS

  • Automation

    Easily interface and manipulate your automations

  • Interconnection

    Link different objects regardless technology

  • Customization

    Expand functionality by scheduling tasks and apply logic by a sequence of evaluations

  • Notifications

    Receive notifications of any kind by audible reminders, email or SMS

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