Embrace your favorite technologies with Jubito! A free and open source platform that allows interaction between hardware and software objects [...]

IOT Awards

Internet of Things Awards

Jubito WINS the Globally Recognized
"Internet of Things" Award 2014-15

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Wrap your arduino with Jubito and dynamically populate HTML5 web interfaces against custom Instruction Sets. Expose your projects to the internet with the built-in lightweight web server and gain access anywhere in the world, from any device.
No extra programming or native code required.

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Speech Widgets

Get verbal notifications for email, weather conditions, schedules or any other action by using speech synthesis technology.

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Key Features

  • Lightweight

    Designed for old and low power devices

  • Cross Platform

    Run Jubito on your favorite OS

  • Automation

    Easily interface and manipulate your automations

  • Interconnection

    Link different objects regardless technology

  • Customization

    Expand functionality by scheduling tasks and apply logic by a sequence of evaluations

  • Notifications

    Receive notifications of any kind by e-mail or SMS when you're away

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To whom it is addressed?

To those who want a home server that stays at home

Nor registration, or dependency on cloud based services

Supported Devices

Arduino Uno & variants

Raspberry Pi (tested on Raspbian)

Banana Pi (tested on Lubuntu & JubitOS)

Banana Pro (tested on Lubuntu & JubitOS)

Z-Wave.me RaZberry

Fibaro Wall Plug


Do you like the idea? Spread Jubito by adding a reference to your website, facebook, twitter, google+, etc.

Donate equipment and hardware such as Raspberry Pi's, Banana Pi's, Beaglebone's, Z-Wave controllers, sensors and appliances, MK802's, Smartphones, etc. By doing that, you give us the opportunity to experiment with individual platforms.

Alternatively, consider donating! Funding a project is always a good way for maintenance and further development.

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