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Consuming RESTful data, create widgets and more

A basic guide to create widgets and UIs.

Inexpensive Z-Wave gateway

Z-Wave gateway using a Banana Pro and a RaZberry daughter card.

Arduino RFID access control

RFID access control system.

Arduino light sensing

Detect light levels using a photocell.

Arduino IR remote control

Create a virtual universal IR remote control.

Arduino motion detection

Motion detection system using a PIR module.

Arduino gas detector

Gas leakage detecting system using MQ-2 module.

Arduino temperature/humidity

Measure the surrounding air to get temperature and humidity with DHT11/DHT22 modules.

Arduino radio remote control

Create a remote control that operate devices at 433MHz/315MHz such as wireless power plug socket outlets.

DVR system by using an IP camera

This example demonstrates the interconnection between an ip camera, Jubito and video recording software.

Simple interface example with arduino

An example that expose functionality over the internet or local network.

Jubito media center

Expandability by invoking other programs.

Scheduling tasks

Jubito's schedule engine.

Posting actions via qr code

Use a mobile device to scan qr codes that represent custom instructions.

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